More than a decade ago I began building cabinetry out of a small garage for friends and family. I quickly realized my passion for making furniture and the rewarding conclusion of installing a project that I had built. With a dedication to my craft and passion for my work, word spread and my business quickly grew. Today, Daso's Custom Cabinetry is no longer making cabinetry out of a garage; we have a 10,000 square foot manufacturing and f nishing facility with a showroom. We currently employ over 20 people, majority have been with us since the beginning and we all share that same passion that began in that small garage over 10 years ago. We are certainly not the largest cabinetry company in the in the area and I don't claim to be the best. What I will claim is our quality of workmanship with customer service that is setting a new standard in the cabinetry industry and we are here to stay. I personally oversee every project from beginning to end, so you can be assured that you're getting the individual attention you deserve.

Jeff Daso
Owner of Daso Cabinetry