Should I Resurface My Cabinets?

When you start thinking about renovating your kitchen there are many options and decisions to make. Most of the big ones are made by the amount of budget you want to spend.

One area where you can save some money is with your cabinets. 

Should I resurface my existing cabinets or get new ones?

There are times when new cabinet fronts will save in cost and time under construction. 

If you love the configuration of your current kitchen, then new cabinet fronts will allow you to completely change the look of them, without replacing them.

Are the cabinets real wood?  If so, refinishing the doors may be an option. A veneer can be used in any color/style. Painting is also an option. You can update the cabinet hardware for a whole new look. 

How is the storage in your existing cabinets? If you resurface, the insides will stay the same. Be sure to review examples of newer, more modern storage ideas – or we’re happy to show you examples at one of our showrooms!

Special storage spots created especially for your needs are a time saver

New Cabinets are often worth the cost to get your true dream kitchen.

Newer options may make new cabinets worth the cost

Is there any damage from water, poor materials, or workmanship? If so, spending the money on new cabinets is the wiser choice.

Do your research. Check out our portfolio. We’re here to help guide you through your options. Let our designers help create the kitchen of your dreams.

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