Pet Friendly Kitchen Upgrades

You have decided to design your perfect kitchen. You have thought of storage. You have thought of the kids. But have you thought of your pets? 

A Portion of your kitchen time is spent with your pets. Not only for their feedings but also as time spent together as family. 

Here are a few great ideas to consider in your design that may make your time with your pet a bit more enjoyable with a little less work.

Pet Friendly Kitchen Floors

First and foremost, when designing your new kitchen you need to think of pet friendly materials. The floor is an important place to start. Choose a scratch-resistant material, waterproof and comfortable. 

Pets love to lay on the floor near us. We need to also consider traction for dog paws. Pets hate slippery floors. Can you have an area where you can put a throw rug for them?

Pet Built In Cabinets

Think about a built-in dog cage or pet cubby. Up and out of the way your pet can sit happily out of the way while you do your thing.

Pet Storage Area

When planning your perfect kitchen storage options you should include storage for pet food and treats. 

Measure what you need to store and include it in your cabinet configurations. While you’re at it, think about those food/water bowls. 

Can you add a drawer with a built-in food bowl/water bowl holder? 

Or maybe a small niche to tuck the bowls into that is out of the way. 

Pet Furniture

Think about your hardware. You need to make sure the edges are rounded so they don’t snag your furry friend. Knobs are better than handles. Watch out for hazards to curious paws. 

Pet Protected Trash Can

What about pull-out trash bins? Has your sweetie ever dumped your trash bin all over the kitchen? A pull-out trash bin may be your answer. Maybe a bin for trash and recycling will keep everything together and safe.  

These are just a few of the ideas that can make your fur babies happy and your life a little easier.

Do you have furry friends at home? Create a space designed for you & your beloved pets! 

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