Columbus Ohio Blue Kitchen Remodel

In October 2023, Daso Custom Cabinetry accomplished a captivating kitchen remodel in Columbus, Ohio. This project, notable for its bold color scheme and practical enhancements, involved a full demolition service, paving the way for a complete and seamless transformation.

Cabinet Design and Color: The kitchen boasts full overlay cabinets with an Amesbury door design, finished in a striking Sherwin Williams Naval SW 6244. This deep blue color imbues the space with sophistication, beautifully harmonized with Cambria Inverness Cobalt countertops.

Functional Kitchen Additions:

  • A convenient cutting board drawer, seamlessly integrating functionality into the cabinetry.
  • A knife/utensil pullout cabinet for organized and easy-to-access storage.
  • Hooks on a shelf, offering a practical solution for mug storage.
  • A drawer peg system cabinet for secure and orderly dish storage.
  • A glass rinser, adds a practical touch.
  • The innovative ‘Cloud’ Contemporary Blind Corner optimizes storage in the corner cabinet.

Sink and Backsplash:

  • The kitchen features a cast iron white farmhouse sink, enhancing the kitchen’s rustic yet modern appeal.
  • An orange geometric backsplash creates a lively contrast with the blue cabinetry, adding a dynamic element to the design.


  • The remodel includes stainless steel appliances, selected for their functionality and sleek design.

Key Features of the Columbus Ohio Blue Kitchen Remodel:

  • Deep Blue Sherwin Williams Naval Cabinets: A bold statement with the Amesbury door design.
  • Cambria Inverness Cobalt Countertops: Elegantly complementing the cabinet colors.
  • Custom Storage Solutions: Including a cutting board drawer and utensil pullout.
  • ‘Cloud’ Contemporary Blind Corner: Innovative use of space in corner cabinets.
  • Cast Iron White Farmhouse Sink: A classic element that enhances the kitchen’s charm.
  • Striking Geometric Backsplash: Injecting vibrancy and modern style.

This remodel in Columbus, Ohio, is a testament to Daso Custom Cabinetry’s expertise in not only creating visually impactful spaces but also in executing full-scale demolition and reconstruction projects, resulting in a kitchen that perfectly blends bold aesthetics with practical functionality.

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