Plain City Kitchen Remodel

In 2021, we had the pleasure of bringing a fresh, modern update to the Archibald Plain City Kitchen. This project featured the installation of sturdy maple cabinets, finished in the classic Sherwin Williams Snowbound paint, providing a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Above the oven, the sleek black E-Series Hood serves as a functional focal point, complementing the high-end Cafe Appliances that equip the kitchen with a professional edge. The countertops and backsplash, crafted from luxurious Cambria materials from Lake Quartz, present a harmonious and elegant aesthetic with their matching designs.

The kitchen’s functionality is enhanced with a convenient beverage bar center, perfect for entertaining and everyday use. A discrete pull-out trash can drawer adds to the clean lines of the space, while glass-front drawers offer a touch of sophistication and display.

For cooking enthusiasts, this kitchen boasts specialized storage solutions, including a knife block and utensils pull-out drawer, alongside a spice pull-out drawer, making organization and accessibility a breeze.

At the heart of the kitchen stands a striking black island, featuring built-in shelves for additional storage and display. The island, along with the rest of the cabinetry, showcases our signature dovetail drawers, known for their durability and quality craftsmanship.

This remodel not only reflects a keen eye for design but also a commitment to functional elegance, ensuring that the Archibald Plain City Kitchen is as practical as it is beautiful. Follow Andrea on Instagram @andrealivescbus.

Key Features of the Archibald Plain City Kitchen Remodel:

  • Maple Cabinets: Durable construction, finished in Sherwin Williams Snowbound paint for a bright, inviting look.
  • Black E-Series Hood: Stylish and functional, perfectly complementing the high-end Cafe Appliances.
  • Cambria Countertops and Backsplash: Luxurious materials providing a harmonious and elegant aesthetic.
  • Beverage Bar Center: A convenient feature for both entertaining and daily use.
  • Pull-Out Waste Bin Drawer: Enhances the kitchen’s sleek design by keeping waste hidden and accessible.
  • Glass-Front Drawers: Adds sophistication and a perfect display solution.
  • Specialized Storage Solutions: Includes a knife block drawer, utensils pull-out, and a spice pull-out for organized and easy access.
  • Striking Black Island with Built-In Shelves: Offers additional storage and display space.
  • Signature Dovetail Drawers: Known for their durability and exceptional craftsmanship.
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