Psychology of the Color Blue

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So many aspects go into creating a dream kitchen. When choosing things like layout, wood used, hardware, and lighting, you will also choose your colors.

The effect of color on a room should not be underestimated.

Each aspect will come together to create the room you have been dreaming of.

Blue is a very popular choice for use in kitchens. Blue evokes feelings of calmness & peace as well as orderliness and cleanliness. All good energies for the kitchen.

Psychology Today wrote “The color blue affects us both cognitively and affectively, making us feel more comfortable. “ in their blog entitled Surprising Research on the Color Blue.

Blue is a color that is often found in nature. The sky, water & foliage all bring blue to our world. This may explain our natural affinity to the color. 

Blue is often linked to creativity. Not a bad idea for promoting a creative kitchen.  Blue lowers blood pressure and slows the heart rate. The relaxing effect may explain why blue is the favorite color of humans.  

Blue does come in a variety of shades. Darker shades like navy or midnight blue help improve the brain’s thought processes. Lighter shades are shown to help improve concentration. Found in the article The Psychology of Color – Blue

Blue is also known to increase productivity. Another positive in the kitchen. Lovers of blue are said to desire a peaceful, creative life of harmony. 

When you decorate with lots of bold blues, it conveys that your home values tradition, dependability, stability, and depth of character. Bring in a metallic, like gold, and really make a sophisticated statement! Writes Hadley Court – Psychology of Blue.

Blues mix very well with white and is a classic combination for the kitchen. Blues also combine well with other shades of blue. 

Of the many decisions you will make when designing your dream kitchen, be sure to look into the psychology of color to make the right choices for you.  

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