So You Want To Remodel Your Kitchen…This Is How You Can Start!

So you want to remodel your kitchen. The kitchen: that space where everyone inevitably gathers; where dreams occur; where life is lived; where memories are made – where there are unlimited possibilities. The process can be daunting – intimidating.

Here are some ideas on how you can start. 

Establish Your Must-Haves 

The first step to remodeling your kitchen is to establish your must-haves.  Remember, this is your kitchen. Not a showroom. Not a model home. Asking yourself the following questions will help you to narrow down and establish what you want and need. 

• What do you like about your current kitchen? 

• What do you dislike about your current kitchen? 

• What needs to be updated? 

• Do you want a layout that works better for you and your family?

• Who cooks? How often? 

• Do you want more space for entertaining? 

• What other activities occur in your kitchen? 

• What kitchen equipment do you use? 

• Do you need more counter space? Where? 

• Do you need more cabinet space? Where? 

• How easy is it to access storage space? 

• What style do you prefer?

Get Inspired 

A good way to fine-tune your list of wants and needs is by visiting sites such as Architectural Digest, Houzz, House Beautiful, and Pinterest for design inspiration.

Magazines are useful resources as well, providing you with the latest home décor trends. The more you see, you’ll be able to begin to get a feel for the style of kitchen you prefer, whether it’s country classic or modern minimalism. 

Set A Timeframe 

Everyone wants to know, ”So how long is this going to take?” 

Well, the answer is,  “It all depends upon the size, scope, and details of your project.” That said, you’ll want to get time estimates as early as possible from all of your contractors, craftsmen, and product suppliers so that you can set a realistic timeframe. 

Determine Your Budget 

What’s your budget?” is one of the first questions with which you will be confronted. 

In order to provide an answer, you should first shop and compare the products contained in your must-have list. As with any other major purchase, what you can buy – your budget – will depend upon what you have, what you’re willing to spend, as well as your financing options. 

Hire Professionals


Start early and be proactive in bringing in professionals – like us. Our experts will help you make the best decisions and create the kitchen of your dreams. 

After nearly 20 years, DASO CUSTOM CABINETRY has evolved into a company that fuses three disciplines – design, fabrication, and installation – to create handcrafted cabinetry that is as unique as your home. As unique as you. 

To learn more about DASO and kitchen cabinets, we invite you to call us at 800-380-9186 or email us at INFO@DASOCUSTOMCABINETRY.COM.  

DASO CUSTOM CABINETRY: One Company. Three Disciplines. Unlimited Possibilities.

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