What Sustainable Materials are Available For Cabinets

With all the decisions there are to make when designing your kitchen, another aspect to consider is the sustainability of your design.  

Where are your cabinet materials coming from?

Many of the forests with old growth are gone. Crafted furniture made of fruitwood or rarer beautiful woods of the past have become too expensive or virtually unavailable today.

So, what cabinet wood can we go with to lessen the negative impact on your health and the health of the planet? 

A natural choice: Bamboo

When we talk about sustainable woods, the first thing that comes to mind is bamboo. A natural choice. Bamboo works beautifully for both flooring and cabinetry.

This fast-growing tree can be sustainably grown and harvested.

Most bamboo cabinets are formaldehyde-free. They are incredibly strong, oftentimes stronger than hardwoods.  

Another renewable cabinet resource is an engineered product made from eucalyptus trees. It is a faster-growing tree that results in wood that is similar to Red Oak and Mahogany in appearance.  

Formaldehyde-free and low- to non-VOC cabinets to keep it safe. 

Be very cautious of any particleboard or fiberboard. These often have formaldehyde binders. These are known carcinogens. Make sure all materials are formaldehyde-free and low- to non-VOC cabinets to keep them safe. 

There are certifications to look for like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)  seal and Environmental Stewardship Council (ESC) seal. Look for the FSC or ESC Seal on your materials.

These labels were created to show that the products meet air quality, product resource management, and environmental stewardship.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclamation has become a creative, eco-friendly option. 

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been previously used and is repurposed for your cabinets. 

Salvaged Wood

There is also salvage wood. Wood that has never been used and is in its original state. There are many exciting options there. Safe to breathe stains and paints

Make sure all paint has low or no volatile organic compounds.

Additionally, if you plan to replace appliances in your home be sure to consider Sustainable Energy Saving Appliances.  

There are so many things to consider when designing an eco-friendly kitchen for a new home or redesigning your established home.


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