The Full Wall Cabinet

While looking for trends in cabinetry you may come across the full wall cabinet. 

This is a trend born out of necessity. A great problem solver for the need for more storage with the constraints of current square footage available. Take a look at your space and decide if going up is the answer for you. 

Many homes are limited in kitchen space. In some condos, you are given a one-wall kitchen. The full wall built-in may be your answer. 

An experienced designer can give you everything you need in that small space. Don’t forget about the pantry, laundry room, craft room or garage either. Oftentimes up is the only place to go. Full wall shelving and cabinets are essential to great organizing. 

Do not forget to think about how you will access these high storage spaces. Do you need a ladder, step up stool or can you have a fold-out step up as part of the design? How will you remember what is up there? Perhaps labeling bins or dry erase boards could help. 

The possibilities and combinations of designs are endless. 

Our designers are well versed in the pros and cons of different designs. They are superb problem solvers. Contact Daso Custom Cabinetry to have the home of your dreams.

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