The Teal Blue Kitchen: A Symphony of Color and Adventure

In the heart of Dublin’s quaint downtown, nestled along historic High Street, stands a home that defies the ordinary, championing a lifestyle over resale, a testament to the adventurous spirits of its owners, Mike and Janice. 

Their collaboration with Daso Custom Cabinetry and Hamilton Contractors in 2019 has birthed not just a kitchen renovation but a vibrant heart within their New England-style home, celebrated in an article by Stephanie Aurora Lewis called Blue Kitchen is on the Right Track in Downtown Dublin in House Trends Magazine. 

Mike and Janice’s home, with its inviting wrap-around porch and a foyer that greets visitors with a fanciful eight-point compass design, sets the stage for a residence where every nook tells a tale of adventure, warmth, and personality. 

The challenge, as articulated by Bryan Hamilton, owner of Hamilton Contractors, was to honor the home’s age while weaving in the homeowners’ colorful lives—a challenge splendidly met.

Choosing Boldness Over Neutrality

The decision to bypass the safety of neutrals for a bold teal blue in the kitchen reflects more than aesthetic preference; it mirrors a life lived fully, reminiscent of Janice’s cross-country bike adventure. 

It’s a stance against the conventional, an embrace of boldness and joy, as Janice puts it, to make the home a reflection of personal happiness rather than becoming obsessed with resale value and the latest trends.

The Daso Difference

Daso Custom Cabinetry’s role in this transformation was pivotal. Presented with the vision of a kitchen that exudes happiness and boldness, Daso delivered with custom cabinetry in a striking turquoise, embodying the couple’s adventurous nature and zest for life. 

The cabinetry not only served as a functional element but also as a central piece in this tale of transformation, proving that design can indeed shift the world around us in “apparently miraculous ways,” as architect Sarah Susanka suggests.

A Collaboration Built on Understanding and Friendship

The journey of renovation, filled with the inevitable challenges and discoveries, was made smoother by the understanding and camaraderie between the homeowners and the renovation team.

This partnership, underscored by mutual respect and shared problem-solving, highlights the importance of collaboration in bringing a vision to life.

More Than a Kitchen: A Lifestyle Choice

This teal blue kitchen stands as a beacon of individuality, creativity, and personal expression, serving as a reminder that our homes should reflect our lives, adventures, and the joy we wish to cultivate. 

It’s not merely about the bold color choice but about creating a space that resonates with the homeowners’ essence. A place the homeowners will embrace for years to come.

A Backyard Oasis

The story doesn’t end in the kitchen. The home extends its narrative to a backyard oasis, complete with an intricate train set crafted by Mike, adding another layer of adventure and creativity to their home. 

This outdoor space, much like the kitchen, serves as a sanctuary of relaxation and entertainment, mirroring the couple’s appreciation for life’s finer moments.

Living Colorfully

As Daso Custom Cabinetry continues to create spaces that are as unique as the individuals who inhabit them, the teal blue kitchen in Mike and Janice’s home stands as a testament to the beauty of living colorfully. 

It is a celebration of personal style, a risk that paid off in happiness, and a bold statement in a world inclined towards the safety of neutrals.

In embracing their true colors, Mike and Janice have created not just a kitchen, but a vibrant heart for their home, proving that the most significant risk lies in not taking one at all.

Photo Credit: House Trends Magazine 

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