I was born in Salvador, Brazil. I am from a large family of designers, educators, and enthusiastic people. My career in design started while attending architectural training at an university in Brazil; leading into my advanced training with a master’s in Urban Design in Cleveland, OH. I have been a teacher/mentor of many students for several years and have loved to help my clients finding their comfortable, safe and beautiful ways to live in their interior spaces. I love: nature, stretching with a good yoga class, a good movie, an inspiring book, delicious food, traveling the world, different cultures and a good talk with friends. I have taken volunteering and responsible positions as president of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID OH North) and of the Brazilian Association in Cleveland. I have two very caring and intelligent daughters who help me stay healthy and happy! My multicultural experience has enhanced my ability to connect with people of all backgrounds. I thrive and love when the sun shines?

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